Microneedling. Группа авторов

Microneedling - Группа авторов

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      Table of Contents

      1  Cover

      2  Title Page

      3  Copyright Page

      4  List of Editors and Contributors

      5  Cosmetic and Aesthetic Procedures in Dermatology Series

      6  Preface

      7  1 Introduction to Microneedling Introduction History Mechanism of action The devices Pens Stamps Rollers DermaFrac Clinical considerations Conclusion References

      8  2 A Short History of Skin Needling Introduction My classical technique of skin needling using a roller The best chemicals to be used Selected peptides The frequency of needling Conclusion References

      9  3 The Value of Medical Needling in Burn Scars Introduction Science Dermal remodeling Increase in skin elasticity Normalized perfusion Increase in skin moisture content Increase of epidermal thickness Role of vitamins in wound healing No dyspigmentation after medical needling Clinical results Medical needling Medical needling and ncascs Conclusion References

      10  4 Skin Care Used with Microneedling Introduction Pre‐ and posttreatment skincare Role of peptides Role of growth factors Role of platelet‐rich plasma Role of vitamin a and vitamin c General considerations: pretreatment, during treatment, and post‐treatment References

      11  5 Treatment of Hyperpigmentation with Microneedling Introduction Principle and mechanism of action of microneedling Hyperpigmentation Melasma Microneedling in melasma Periorbital melanosis Microneedling in periorbital melanosis Microneedling with biological agents for hyperpigmentation disorder Microneedling technical and clinical considerations Clinical considerations Preprocedure care Operative technique Postprocedure care Contraindications References

      12  6 Treatment of Acne and Acne Scars with Microneedling Background Etiology of acne and pathogenesis of acne scars Pathogenesis of acne scars Epidemiology and types of acne scars Description of various interventions Microneedling treatment Procedure Various types of microneedling devices

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