Raji, Book Three. Charley Brindley

Raji, Book Three - Charley Brindley

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      Book Three: Dire Kawa


      Charley Brindley

      [email protected]


      Edited by

      Karen Boston

      Website https://bit.ly/2rJDq3f

      Cover art by

      Charley Brindley

      © 2019

      All rights reserved

      © 2019 Charley Brindley, all rights reserved

      Printed in the United States of America

      First Edition February 2019

      This book is dedicated to

      Tatta Marie Brindley

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      In the fall of 1932, Fuse and I walked through the near-deserted campus of Theodore Roosevelt University, in Richmond, Virginia.

      We were third-year students in the medical school and would have been at the top of our class–had there been a class. Two days earlier, the two of us sat in the rigid wooden chairs in front of Dr. Octavia Pompeii’s desk. She was chancellor of the medical school, and she looked as if she carried the weight of the entire university on her tiny shoulders. Her beautiful red hair was thinning, and during the past two years, streaks of gray had crept into the curls from her temples. Dark circles saddened her eyes.

      Dr. Pompeii took a deep breath and let out a sigh. “Raji, Fuse, I have bad news.”

      Fuse and I glanced at each other. We knew the university was in dire financial straits, just as all the schools were. Faculty and students had been drifting away ever since the crash of 1929.

      “We’re closing the medical school,” Dr. Pompeii said.

      “Oh, no,” I said. “Why?”

      She toyed with a yellow pencil for a moment. “We’ve lost seventy percent of our funding and enrollment for next semester is next to nothing.”

      Fuse was quiet, but I knew he was in shock, just as I was. We had talked about this very event over the past semester, but I don’t think we really believed it would happen. No one spoke for a while.

      “Dr. Pompeii,” Fuse finally said. “What will you do?”

      My old pal Fuse, always thinking of others first.

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