Examination of the Newborn. Группа авторов

Examination of the Newborn - Группа авторов

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      Table of Contents

      1  Cover

      2  Title Page

      3  Copyright Page

      4  List of contributors

      5  Acknowledgements

      6  Introduction Political drivers for examination of the newborn – past and present Ensuring best practice The UK National Screening Committee Key documents SMaRT 4 NIPE Third edition Examination of the Newborn: An Evidence‐Based Guide – what’s new? REFERENCES

      7  About the companion website

      8  CHAPTER 1: HISTORY TAKING AND THE NEWBORN EXAMINATION Introduction Objectives and characteristics of good history taking Building a history profile: where to start? Evaluation of maternal medical records: biophysical information The NHS Antenatal Screening Programme Risk factors and the newborn examination Parental dialogue and involvement with the newborn assessment process Interpretation of the information Importance of location for the newborn examination Limitations to history taking Conclusion REFERENCES

      9  CHAPTER 2: Cardiovascular and respiratory assessment of the baby Introduction Development of the lungs Development of the heart Transition to extrauterine life Fetal circulation Postnatal circulation Respiratory considerations Impact of hypoglycaemia, hypoxia and hypothermia on transitional events In summary Examination of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems Examination of the heart Examination of the respiratory system Examination of the chest Conclusion Look here for resources on congenital heart defects REFERENCES

      10  CHAPTER 3: The neonatal skin: examination of the jaundiced newborn Introduction Physiology and development Assessment of the neonatal skin Care of the neonatal skin: a consistent approach to practice Common skin lesions in the neonate Examination of the jaundiced newborn Acknowledgements Look here for resources on neonatal infection and management of jaundice REFERENCES

      11  CHAPTER 4: Examination of the head, neck and eyes Examination of the head and neck Examination of the head Examination of the neck Examination of the eye Conclusion Look here for resources on tongue‐tie REFERENCES

      12  CHAPTER 5: Assessment of gestational age and newborn reflexes Introduction Assessment of gestational age Neurological state of the newborn Newborn reflexes Growth charts Conclusion Look here for resources on gestational age and reflexes REFERENCES

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