MRI Registry Review. Stephen J. Powers

MRI Registry Review - Stephen J. Powers

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      2  Title Page

      3  Copyright Page

      4  About the Author

      5  Acknowledgments and Advice Some Test‐Taking Advice ARRT Advanced MRI Exam Breakdown Displayed Below Cross‐Vendor Terminology: Page 1 Cross Vendor Terminology Page 2

      6  1 Patient Interactions and Management Below are artist renditions of the anatomical position: Section 1 Patient Interactions and Management Answers Enlarged Pictures

      7  2 Parameters, Image Formation, Data Acquisition Section 2: Parameters, Image Formation, Data Acquisition: Answers Section 2 Question 41–54 Section 2: Enlarged Illustrations Section 2 Questions 41–54

      8  3 Pulse Sequences and MRI Math Use the factors listed below for Questions 200–203 Section 3 MR Pulse Sequences and MR Math Answers

      9  4 Procedures Image Artifacts Remember, Choose the Answer Most Correct Artifacts Miscellaneous Questions: The Boney Pelvis The Cranial Nerves: O O O T T A F A G V A H Cranial Nerve: Study T1 and T2 Contrast Differences in the Brain Answers

      10  MRI Math The Larmor Equation The Larmor Equation Examples SNR from Acquisitions or NEX or NSA Scan Time Equations Now for Turbo or Fast Spin Echo 3D Sequence or a 2D Sequential Scan Time Formula Resolution: Pixel Size Voxel Volume Anisotropic Voxel Volume In‐plane Resolution How to Convert Hz/Px to MHz In and Out of Phase TE’s In and Out of Phase TE’s Dixon Math Dixon Math SNR and the 3D Sequence SNR and the 3D Sequence Match the Scan Time Formula to the Sequence Answers for Sequence Number1 Sequence/Scan Time Matching Answers

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