The Secret To Happiness. Jessica Redland

The Secret To Happiness

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Автор произведения: Jessica Redland


Жанр: Путеводители

Издательство: Ingram

isbn: 9781838892142

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*The Top 10 Bestseller* Everyone deserves a chance at happiness… Danniella  is running from her past, so when she arrives at the beautiful seaside resort of Whitsborough Bay, the last thing on her mind is making friends. After all, they might find out her secrets… Alison is fun, caring and doesn't take herself too seriously. But beneath the front, she is a lost soul, stuck in a terrible relationship, with body confidence issues and no family to support her. All she really needs is a friend. Karen's romance has taken a back seat to her fitness business. But she doesn’t want to give up on love quite yet. If only those mysterious texts would stop coming through …When the women meet at their local bootcamp, a deep friendship blossoms. And soon they realise that the secret to happiness is where they least expected to find it…An uplifting story of friendship and finding the strength to come to terms with the past. Perfect for fans of Tilly Tennant and Cathy Bramley.   [/b][b]What readers are saying about  The Secret To Happiness : 'An emotional but uplifting page turner.  The Secret to Happiness  is a beautiful story of friendship and love'  Fay Keenan 'I loved how realistic and flawed the characters were, no perfect people, just honest characters with real problems.''Easily Jessica Redland's best novel so far. The amount of heart and depth that has gone into it is astounding.' 'This is a story that will have you enthralled from the start to the end with its many twists and turns. Jessica has the knack of drawing you into her «heroines». She always includes some humour in her books but wow, does she know how to bring you to tears as well.' 'Reading this book is the secret to happiness. Wow!' 'Loved the characters and didn't want it to end.'