Becoming a Real Estate Agent. Wendy Boone's Patton

Becoming a Real Estate Agent

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Автор произведения: Wendy Boone's Patton


Жанр: Ценные бумаги, инвестиции

Издательство: Ingram

isbn: 9781456608682

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Becoming a Real Estate Agent is a very rewarding and exciting career. If you are looking for a part or full time flexible position, and you like working with people, this could be just what you are looking for. This eBook will give you a good understanding of all the basics and point you in the right direction to becoming a licensed real estate agent. It also includes links to each state&#39;s requirements for becoming a licensed real estate agent. <br><br>Here&#39;s what the book covers:<br>* What To Expect as a Real Estate Agent<br>– Things to be Aware of<br>– Typical Real Estate Agent Activities<br>– Getting Paid on Commission<br><br>* What&#39;s Happening in the Real Estate Profession<br>– Agent Numbers<br>– Average Agent Income<br>– Future Outlook<br><br>* 3 Steps to Becoming a Real Estate Agent<br>– Step 1: Choose Your Brokerage Firm<br>– Step 2: Get Your Pre-Licensing Education<br>– Step 3: Pass the Exam to Get Your License<br><br>* Becoming a Real Estate Investor<br>– Types of Real Estate Investing<br>– Learning About Real Estate Investing<br><br>* Terms of the Trade