Redemption of a Fallen Woman. Joanna Fulford

Redemption of a Fallen Woman

Год выпуска: 0

Автор произведения: Joanna Fulford

Серия: Mills & Boon M&B

Жанр: Контркультура

Издательство: HarperCollins

isbn: 9781472000545

Краткое описание:

‘Time is running out and only you can save our family…’Harry Montague must discover the truth about his family’s missing heir—for better or worse. But his thoughts are sidetracked from the moment he first sees Elena Ruiz, beautiful and fierce in her bright red dress. She’s innocent, yet Spanish society has condemned her.Harry can help this woman in need with the security of a marriage made on paper—but nothing more. For Harry’s heart is armoured by pain and regret from the past. Yet soon he finds himself fighting the unexpected longing for his new wife that grows each day…