Baby Bonanza / For Blackmail...or Pleasure: Baby Bonanza. Robyn Grady

Baby Bonanza / For Blackmail...or Pleasure: Baby Bonanza - Robyn Grady

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      Baby Bonanza by Maureen Child


       I’ll want a DNA test.”

      “Of course,” she said.

      “I’ll take care of it tomorrow.”

      “What?” She shook her head, looked at him and asked, “Don’t you have to wait until we’re back in San Pedro?”

      “No, I’m not going to wait. I want this question settled as quickly as possible.” He continued to eat, as though what they were discussing wasn’t affecting him in the slightest. “We dock at Cabo in the morning. You and I will go ashore, find a lab and have them fax the findings to the lab in San Pedro.”

      “We will?” She hadn’t planned on spending a lot of time with Nick, after all. She’d only come on board to tell him about the twins and, frankly, she’d thought he wouldn’t want anything more to do with her after that. Instead, he’d moved her into his suite and now was proposing that they spend even more time together.

      “Until this is taken care of to my satisfaction,” Nick told her softly, “I’m not letting you out of my sight. The two of us are going to be joined at the hip. So you might as well start getting used to it.”

       For Blackmail…or Pleasure by Robyn Grady


       I hate you.”

      His jaw tensed. “Then I’m no worse off.”

      She despised giving in. She’d much rather tell him to go straight to hell. But that had never been an option. “Where and when?”

      Tate’s chest inflated. Battle won.

      “At my television studios. Monday at ten. Don’t be late.” So unforgettable and debonair in that tux. “One more thing.”

      His kiss was swift, overwhelming – the same skill she remembered, yet strangely so much more. Her mind hurtled back and the years slipped away. In this surreal moment she was Tate’s again and, incredibly, nothing else mattered.

      Brutal reality – where they were, what she’d done – finally kicked in. Shoving at his rock-hard chest, she managed to break free.

      The dimple she’d once adored appeared as he genuinely smiled. He was so damn superior. “Just wanted to let you know how sexy you are when you’re mad.”

      Baby Bonanza


      For Blackmail…or Pleasure





      Maureen Child


      is a California native who loves to travel. Every chance they get, she and her husband are taking off on another research trip. The author of more than sixty books, Maureen loves a happy ending and still swears that she has the best job in the world. She lives in Southern California with her husband, two children and a golden retriever with delusions of grandeur.

      Dear Reader,

      Is there anything sweeter than watching a strong man be completely befuddled by a baby? Just as there’s something elemental about seeing a father meet his child for the first time. Something powerful and touching.

      In Baby Bonanza, Nick Falco does just that. He finds out he’s a father and meets his twin sons for the first time. Everything changes for him – and because it does, everything also changes for the mother of his babies, Jenna Baker.

      I hope you enjoy reading their story as much as I enjoyed writing it!

      Happy reading,


      To the ladies at Long Beach Care Center –

      Christabel, Barbara and all of the others who

      give such loving care to the patients – including

      my uncle – who need it the most. You really

      are amazing.


      “Ow!” Jenna Baker hopped on her right foot and clutched at the bruised toes on her left one. Shooting a furious glare at the bolted-down table in her so-tiny-that-claustrophobics-would-die cabin, she called down silent curses on the head of the man who was the reason for this cruise from hell.

      Nick Falco.

      His image rose up in her mind, and just for a second Jenna enjoyed the nearly instant wash of heat that whipped through her. But the heat was gone a moment later, to be replaced by a cold fury.

      Better all around if she concentrated on that particular emotion. After all, unlike every other passenger aboard Falcon’s Pride, she hadn’t come aboard the floating orgy to party. She was here for a reason. A damn good one.

      While her aching toes throbbed in concert with her heartbeat, Jenna cautiously stood on both feet and took the step and a half that brought her to a minuscule closet. She’d already hung up her clothes, and the few outfits she’d brought with her looked crowded in the narrow wardrobe. Snatching a pale yellow blouse off the attached-to-the-rod hanger, she carried it to the bathroom, just another step away.

      It was the size of an airplane bathroom, only it also contained a shower stall designed to fit pygmies. In fact, the opening of the sliding door was so slender, Jenna had slapped one arm across her breasts when leaving the shower, half-afraid she’d scrape her nipples off.

      “Really nice, Nick,” she muttered, “when you upgraded this old boat and turned it into your flagship, you might have put a little extra thought into those people who aren’t living in the owner’s penthouse on the top deck.”

      But she told herself that was typical enough. She’d known what Nick was like even before she’d met him on that sultry summer night more than a year ago. He was a man devoted to seeing his cruise line become the premier one in the world. He did what he had to do when he had to do it. And he didn’t make apologies for it.

      She’d been working for him when she met him. An assistant cruise director on one of the other cruise ships in the Falcon line. She’d loved the job, loved the idea of travel and stupidly, had fallen in love with the boss. All because of a romantic moonlight encounter and Nick’s undeniable charm.

      Jenna had known darn well that the boss would never get involved with an employee. So when the sexy, gorgeous Nick Falco had stumbled across her on the Pavilion Deck and assumed she was a guest, she hadn’t corrected him. She should have and she knew it, but what woman wouldn’t have been swept away by a chiseled jaw, ice-blue eyes and thick black hair that just tempted a woman to tangle her fingers in it?

      She sighed a little, set her hands on the sides of the soapdish-size sink and remembered how it had been from the first moment he’d touched her. Magic. Pure and simple. Her skin had sizzled, her blood had sung and her heart had beaten so frantically, it had been hard to breathe. He’d swept her into a dance, there in the starlight, with the Hawaiian breeze caressing them and the music from the deck below floating on the air like a sigh.

      One dance became two, and the feel

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