A Kiss In The Snow. Susan Mallery

A Kiss In The Snow - Susan Mallery

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      A Christmas gift straight from the heart of Susan Mallery, one of today’s most beloved writers—a brand-new Fool’s Gold romance!

      Cupcake baker Nancee Smith is stunned when search-and-rescue pilot Jesse “Shep” Sheppard strides into her kitchen. The last time she saw the Ghost of Heartbreaks Past was the night before he left her at the altar. He said he loved her, then didn’t even say goodbye.

      Now Shep claims he’s done dashing away at the first sign of forever. The romance of Fool’s Gold at Christmas tempts her to have faith—snow glistening on rooftops like great swirls of frosting, twinkle lights in every window—but this time around, she’s the one with cold feet. If promises alone aren’t enough to sway her, Shep will have to show her the love in his heart.

      “Susan Mallery never disappoints.” —#1 New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber

       Praise for Susan Mallery and her New York Times bestselling Fool’s Gold series

      “Susan Mallery is one of my favorites.”

      —#1 New York Times bestselling author

      Debbie Macomber

      “Romance novels don’t get much better than Mallery’s expert blend of emotional nuance, humor and superb storytelling.”


      “Touching, insightful, and funny, this lively romance addresses some serious relationship issues as it delivers another satisfying, page-turning winner.”

      —Library Journal on Kiss Me

      “Heartwarming… Deft characterization and an absorbing story line will keep readers coming back.”

      —Publishers Weekly on When We Met

      “Ms. Mallery masterfully weaves new characters into the fabric of Fool’s Gold, but always catches us up on the lives of its very unique residents. Fool’s Gold has a certain rhythm that makes it a warm, homey place with a little bit of magic.”

      —Fresh Fiction on Thrill Me

      “Mallery delivers another engaging romance in magical Fool’s Gold.”

      —Kirkus Reviews on Just One Kiss

      “The wildly popular and prolific Mallery can always be counted on to tell an engaging story of modern romance.”


      “Mallery infuses her story with eccentricity, gentle humor, and small-town shenanigans.”

      —Publishers Weekly on Summer Days

      A Kiss in the Snow

      Susan Mallery



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      I’m one of the luckiest authors in the world. Seriously, I have the best readers anywhere. This book is dedicated to the delightful, creative and fun Kim V.R. I’m thrilled that your girls’ week friends, radiation friends and Inez got you addicted to romance, and I adored meeting you.


      To reader Paula B.,

      who asked that this book be “dedicated to

      my son Tom B. for making my dream come true.”



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      “HELLO, NANCEE.”

      Nancee Smith shrieked, jumped and spun toward the unexpected voice. For a second all she saw was the sheer size of the intruder. The icing spatula she waved seemed woefully inadequate as a weapon. Then she blinked and focused, only to realize she wasn’t in any danger—at least not physically. Emotionally was a whole other story.


      Her throat tightened as she spoke the man’s name. Jesse Sheppard—known as Shep to his friends—had blown in and out of her life for the past ten years. They had more than a past. They were practically a Lifetime movie franchise.

      She pressed a hand to her chest—as if that would help her breathing slow. “What on earth are you doing here?”

      “Here as in Fool’s Gold or here as in your great-aunt’s kitchen?”

      Good question. “How about both?”

      His gaze

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