Mastering Windows XP Home Edition. Guy Hart-Davis

Mastering Windows XP Home Edition

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Автор произведения: Guy Hart-Davis


Жанр: ОС и Сети

Издательство: John Wiley & Sons Limited

isbn: 9780782150599

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The Only Windows XP Home Edition Resource You Need—Now Completely Updated Here's the insider knowledge you need to maximize Microsoft's powerful home operating system, whether you're moving straight to XP or upgrading from Windows 98 or Me. This encyclopedic guide delivers full coverage of every topic from installation and multimedia, to security and networking. Beginners can start off by using Windows XP on a stand-alone computer and connecting to the Internet, while experienced users can quickly build and secure a home network, work with the Registry to change XP's behavior, and optimize and troubleshoot Windows XP. Coverage includes: Upgrading from Windows 98 or Me Taking full advantage of XP multi-user support Customizing Windows XP Installing, removing, and running programs Sharing files securely–or keeping them private Adding hardware and installing drivers Connecting your computer or network to the Internet Sending secure e-mail and minimizing spam Communicating via the latest versions of Windows Messenger Using Windows Firewall Getting and giving help via the Internet Enjoying audio, video, and DVDs with Windows Media Player 10 Burning audio and data CDs Building a secure home network Using Microsoft PowerToys Using VPNs and connecting to a company network Setting up wireless networks with Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)