Successful Investment Strategies for ICOs and Crypto Investments. Joe Martin

Successful Investment Strategies for ICOs and Crypto Investments

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The best strategies for investing in new crypto coins, ICOs, token sales and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and many others. An ICO is an initial investment in the construction of a new crypto system or a new cryptocurrency There are of course great opportunities and also risks connected with that. There is currently a great feeling of euphoria around cryptocurrencies; yet at the same time, it is still very much a Wild West with few lawmen and lots of desperados. Many of these characters present an honest appearance and claim to have a high level of motivation to change the world for the better. But, as with all lucrative, new industries, many are bandits whose motives are generally more focused on changing their own bank balance—not the world. The situation is very opaque and people who do not do a lot of research can very quickly lose a lot of money. In the crypto world, these rip-off merchants are everywhere.