Bitcoin, Blockchain & Co.. Joe Martin

Bitcoin, Blockchain & Co.

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Автор произведения: Joe Martin


Жанр: Зарубежная деловая литература

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isbn: 9783981945348

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Information about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain and other cryptocurrencies for interested parties, for beginners and advanced. To be active in the emerging world of cryptocurrency, you must first to understand the systems that underpin it and that will help to shape the future. It is vital that you understand three fundamental pieces of information before you begin any activity related to cryptocurrencies. Without these three key considerations, you cannot fully understand and navigate the intricacies of the crypto world. Without these three foundational rules, you become extremely vulnerable to financial losses if you become active. For that reason, you should read thus book. Internalize the information and let them sink deep into your subconscious. The principles in this bool must be applied intuitively. Gauge everything—every single thought and decision—by these principles. With these three principles at the core of your every decision, you will be safe from fraud and you will understand how our world is going to work in the near future.