Let's Master American Soft Skills. Raj Boone's Gadasalli

Let's Master American Soft Skills

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Автор произведения: Raj Boone's Gadasalli


Жанр: Учебная литература

Издательство: Ingram

isbn: 9781456608545

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Superior communication. interpersonal and other people skills, collectively known as Soft Skills are essential for success in life especially for business persons and technocrats in the global village. <br><br>This guide addresses this need, in a simple and effective way.<br><br>Because American business practices and American English are fast becoming popular all over the world, this writing is in the American Context with emphasis is on American English. <br><br>Persons with English as second language, US immigrants, perspective immigrants, technocrats and those who are exposed to multi-cultural environments will find this to be a valuable asset.<br><br>This book was first published in India and well received. It is used as a resource by college trainers in Soft Skills. <br><br>Author Raj Gadasalli is a reputed International business executive and a naturalized US national. Raj has a bachelors degree in Engineering from India and MBA, PhD from the US. After retiring from GE as an International Marketing Manager he took to academics and writing.