To Mormons, With Love. Chrisy M.D. Ross

To Mormons, With Love

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Автор произведения: Chrisy M.D. Ross


Жанр: Юмористические стихи

Издательство: Ingram

isbn: 9781605740010

Краткое описание:

When Chrisy Ross and her family moved to a small-town LDS community&ndash;one she affectionately refers to as Mayberry&ndash;she underestimated her readiness as a nonmember for what turned out to be a cultural immersion. Sure, she knew Mormons didn&#39;t drink caffeine (cough), and they never swore (double cough), but life with family-centered folks would be cozy and wonderful. She could smell the fresh-baked bread just thinking about it.<br><br>Join her as she honestly, humorously and lovingly describes her quest to find someone with a real panty-line problem, requests her LDS friends baptize her&ndash;after she dies&ndash;and considers her dad&#39;s suggestion to become a Jack Mormon. Although not a convert after reading the literature, Chrisy develops an understanding and respect for a widely misunderstood religion and has found a comfortable spot in her town, the community and the culture.