The Garden Party and Other Stories. Katherine Mansfield

The Garden Party and Other Stories

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Автор произведения: Katherine Mansfield


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Издательство: Ingram

isbn: 9781420967784

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Katherine Mansfield is often recognized as one of the true innovators of the modern short story. The New Zealand-born Englishwoman embraced a Bohemian lifestyle and became involved in a series of scandalous relationships, which greatly influenced some of her most significant work. Her best-known writings were produced in her final years, as she was plagued by illness. Her fiction is dominated by themes of male-female relationships, sexual ambivalence, and gender roles. Most of her work focuses on female protagonists and demonstrates the problems of social relationships. This collection, written between 1920-1922, includes “At the Bay”, a story that proposes there is more to a woman's life than marriage and motherhood; “The Garden Party”, which explores class differences; “The Daughters of the Late Colonel”, a story about life and death; “Marriage à la Mode”, about the dissolution of a relationship; “Miss Brill”, Mansfield's memorable tale of the lonely woman, and many more. This edition includes a biographical afterword.