Every Man in His Humour. Ben Jonson

Every Man in His Humour

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Автор произведения: Ben Jonson


Жанр: Зарубежная драматургия

Издательство: Ingram

isbn: 9781420916973

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Ben Jonson's career began in 1597 when he held a fixed engagement in the «Admiral's Men», and although he was unsuccessful as an actor, his literary talent was apparent and he began writing original plays for the troupe. Jonson had a knack for absurdity and hypocrisy, a trait that made him immensely popular in the 17th century Renaissance period. It is known that Shakespeare's company produced several of Jonson's plays, Shakespeare himself appearing in «Every Man in His Humour» (1598). The play was Jonson's first major success, written in the style of «humour plays», a genre of comedy originated by George Chapman. In it, Jonson targets some of his favorite topics for satire: education, love, poetry, and social classes. As each major character represents a different issue, the play transforms into a depiction of everyday Renaissance life, and a scathing social commentary on the problems that plagued it.