Night Of No Return. Eileen Wilks

Night Of No Return

Год выпуска: 0

Автор произведения: Eileen Wilks

Серия: Mills & Boon Vintage Intrigue

Жанр: Ужасы и Мистика

Издательство: HarperCollins

isbn: 9781472077516

Краткое описание:

THE AGENT: Handsome and hard-edged Alex Bok.THE MISSION: Keeping his emotions in check when a dangerous undercover assignment reunited him with the breathtaking beauty who'd saved his life.THE IMMOVABLE FORCE: The enticing virgin was holding out for promises of forever–the one thing this love 'em and leave 'em agent couldn't guarantee. Then all the rules changed when his deadly mission forced them into oh-so-close captivity. Would they survive the night of no return with their lives–and their hearts–intact?a year of living dangerouslyWhere passion rules and nothing is what it seems….