Damiano's Return. Lynne Graham

Damiano's Return

Год выпуска: 0

Автор произведения: Lynne Graham

Серия: Mills & Boon

Жанр: Контркультура

Издательство: HarperCollins

isbn: 9781408996300

Краткое описание:

Damiano Braganzi is back! Five years after Eden James was cruelly driven from her home by her missing husband’s family, her gorgeous Italian husband has returned. Despite the fact their marriage was on the brink of destruction, the intense physical attraction that once burned between them has not diminished.But the years apart have bread mistrust and misunderstandings. Believing his wife to have indulged in an affair, Damiano whisks her away to his Tuscan palazzo determined to prove to his wife that he’s the only man that should share her bed.But when Eden’s innocence is revealed, Damiano must reconsider everything he thought he knew about his beautiful wife.