Constitutional Oncogenetics. Noureddine Boukhatem

Constitutional Oncogenetics

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Автор произведения: Noureddine Boukhatem


Жанр: Медицина

Издательство: John Wiley & Sons Limited

isbn: 9781119818182

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In the age of genomics, oncogenetics is a growing discipline. It is defined as the identification and management of families where there is a suspected hereditary risk of cancer. This relatively new discipline is part of a modern medicine that aims to be both preventive and predictive. <p><i>Constitutional Oncogenetics</i> gives precise descriptions of the main syndromes that cause a predisposition for cancer. The first part examines the most common syndromes in the majority of the world, including the heightened hereditary risk of breast and ovarian cancer and Lynch syndrome. The second part introduces less common infracentesimal syndromes, such as Bloom syndrome and Fanconi syndrome. This book is intended for oncogenetic practitioners and other specialists, as well as medical students.