Love For All Time. Kianna Alexander

Love For All Time - Kianna Alexander

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       Chapter 1

      “Do we have to film this scene today?” Sitting in the back of the chauffeur-driven sedan, Sierra Dandridge looked hopefully toward the passenger seat.

      Up front, Jazmin shook her head. “I don’t even know why you asked me that, girl.” Having often said she didn’t like being chauffeured around, she always sat up front.

      Sierra sighed at the inevitable response. Me, either. “It was worth a shot.”

      Jazmin chuckled. “No, it wasn’t.” She turned around to look her way. “You know I sympathize with you, as a friend. But as a producer of the show, I’m gonna need you to get it together.”

      Rolling her eyes, Sierra flopped against the leather seat. “I know, I know.” It wasn’t as if she disliked her role on the new drama series The Shores. Even though the show had cast her to play “to type,” and she hated being pigeonholed, she still enjoyed the role. As filming locations went, though, the island of Sapphire Shores was about as dull as it could get. “I guess we may as well get it over with.”

      “Don’t worry. This is your last scene with Mia for at least a few days or so.”

      “I’ll take whatever break from her you can give me.”

      “I know you and Mia aren’t exactly close,” Jazmin quipped. “But she’s your colleague. I expect you two to keep it professional.”

      Rolling her eyes at the mention of that name, Sierra nodded. “Always. I never mess around when it comes to my coins. But I can’t speak for Mia.”

      Mia Leigh, the lead actress on The Shores, had become the bane of her existence. This season’s script had Sierra and Mia cast as “frenemies,” complete with the much younger Mia being slick at the mouth with Sierra. That would be fine with Sierra, if only Mia could keep that drama on the set. Petty as she was, Ms. Leigh seemed to have a real-life vendetta against Sierra.

      “If she wants to keep this job, she’ll get her attitude together,” Jazmin declared. “Casting isn’t my department, but I won’t hesitate to go to the higher-ups if Mia insists on being the problem child.”

      Sierra reached into her bag, taking out her compact. She looked at her reflection, making sure the makeup artist’s work remained intact. After running a brush through her hair and tucking it and the compact away, she turned her attention back to the passing scenery.

      Despite the island’s total lack of nightlife or entertainment, it was one of the most beautiful places she’d ever worked, in terms of scenery. The day was a bit overcast, but sunlight peeked through the clouds to sparkle on the crystal surface of the Atlantic. The picturesque scene reminded her of when she’d filmed High Treason off the coast of Maine. She hoped the nice weather would hold, at least until she got back to her hotel. It was a mid-September Monday, and in the few weeks she’d been on the island, she’d noticed how quickly the weather seemed to change.

      The car slowed to go over a series of speed bumps leading into the Tracemore Plaza area. As the vehicle rounded the traffic circle and moved toward an empty space in the parking lot, she could see other members of the show’s cast and crew gathered outside the entrance to Della’s Deli. The sandwich shop, one of their most used filming locations, served great food and had a lovely atmosphere. Although Mia’s attitude ruins it every time. She rolled her eyes.

      The driver parked the car and walked around to open Sierra’s door. Jazmin, ever the girl-next-door, saw herself out of the passenger seat as the driver opened the back door and helped Sierra to her feet. Slinging her purse over her shoulder, she drew in a deep breath of the salty air.

      She followed Jazmin toward the entrance to the deli. As her friend donned her headset and began conversing with the crew, Sierra cut through the gaggle of people, waving and acknowledging many of them, but choosing not to engage Mia. Once she made her way through, she waited by the glass doors for her cue. Leaning against the exterior wall, she contented herself with watching the camerawoman, boom operator and lighting tech ready their equipment for the scene they were about to film. Watching the cast and crew buzzing around, preparing to shoot a scene, always filled her with a sense of anticipation. She loved what she did, loved bringing each character she portrayed to life in her own special way. Each scene she filmed gave her a new opportunity to do what she loved most. A smile touched her lips.

      The smile quickly faded as she noticed Mia strutting her way. She couldn’t ever remember having seen Mia just...walk. She always strutted, much like a peacock with its colors on full display. Tall and lithe, the fair-skinned, dark-eyed twentysomething was

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