Runaway Attraction. Farrah Rochon

Runaway Attraction - Farrah Rochon

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      The many styles of love

      Model Bailey Hamilton made headlines when she was kidnapped and then rescued. Now, TV documentary producer Micah Jones has made her an offer she wants to refuse: a candid interview to stop wild rumors that threaten her career. Micah’s tempting Bailey to let down her barriers and give in to passion.

      The last person to interview Bailey before she was taken, Micah blames himself for what happened. Determined to make amends, he’s blindsided by his desire for the exotic Manhattan model. Speculation about her disappearance thrusts Bailey into the eye of the storm again, and their affair could be over before it begins. Will Micah uncover the truth and avoid the media circus that could cost him his future with the woman he loves?

      After several more moments of indulging in their intensely erotic kiss, Micah pulled back. His chest heaved with labored breaths. His eyes were wide with surprise, as if he couldn’t yet fully comprehend what had just passed between them.

      “Uh, I should…” He pointed toward the elevator.

      Bailey nodded. She couldn’t speak in coherent sentences either.

      Micah gestured to the door of her apartment. “I won’t leave until you’re safely inside.”

      Her heart pinched at his compassion. He was such a gentleman.

      She took out her key and unlocked the door, then turned back and gave him a wave. It seemed woefully inappropriate after the explosive kiss they’d just shared.

      “Good night,” she said. “I guess I’ll see you later.”

      Micah nodded. “Good night.”

      Bailey looked over her shoulder one last time before she entered the apartment. She closed and locked the door behind her, shutting her eyes tight as she banged her head against the wood.

      “Should I even ask?”

      Her eyes flew open at the sound of her sister’s voice. Brianna sat on the couch, her feet tucked underneath her, a sketch pad in her lap.

      “I’m in so much trouble,” Bailey said.

      And it had nothing to do with a crazed kidnapper. This time, she knew exactly what the danger looked like…and how it tasted.


      had dreams of becoming a fashion designer as a teenager, until she discovered she would be expected to wear something other than jeans to work every day. Thankfully, the coffee shop where she writes does not have a dress code.

      When Farrah is not penning stories, the avid sports fan feeds her addiction to football by attending New Orleans Saints games.



      Farrah Rochon

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      For Lauryn and Brandon,

      Auntie Farrah loves you!

      Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God.

      —Philippians 1:3

      Dear Reader,

      If you take a look at my bio, you’ll see that as a teen I had my heart set on becoming a fashion designer. Well, things didn’t work out quite the way I planned. I was bitten by the writing bug in college and the rest, as they say, is history.

      So you can imagine my elation when I was asked to participate in The Hamiltons: Fashioned with Love continuity series. Through my research for Bailey and Micah’s story, I was able to relive some of those long-ago dreams of working in the fashion industry. I discovered that while New York fashion is fun, fast-paced and exciting, I am much better suited to writing about the industry than actually working in it.

      I hope you enjoy this glimpse into the thrilling world of New York fashion. Please let me know what you think. You can contact me on Facebook, Twitter or at my website:

      Happy Reading,

      Farrah Rochon


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      Chapter 1

      Bailey Hamilton sat in pensive silence in the backseat of the black Mercedes S600 as it rolled down Columbus Avenue. She practiced the deep-breathing techniques she’d seen a character in a movie use once as a means of calming her nerves. She had no idea if she was doing it correctly. If the butterflies fluttering in her stomach were any indication, that answer was a resounding no.

      She clasped her hands together in her lap, trying her best to stop the anxious fidgeting that had plagued her all morning. That wasn’t working, either.

      The car stopped at a traffic light and a sea of pedestrians flowed past it, all of them going about their day as if this was a normal Tuesday afternoon. For most of them, it probably was.

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