Bride by Mail. Katy Madison

Bride by Mail - Katy Madison

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       Crystal earbobs danced against her pale-as-milk slender neck. She looked extravagant and indulged.

      A woman who dressed as if she was due to go to a ball was all wrong for the frontier. Wrong for the hard life in a trapper’s cabin. Wrong for him.

      Jack focused on the woman as he walked closer.

      ‘I’ll give you fifty dollars for her,’ said the man beside her.

      Jack hesitated. Fifty dollars was a lot of money—not as much as it had cost to get her here, but enough that he could reconsider and send for another bride.

      Olivia’s eyes widened.

      ‘Unhand her,’ Jack said softly.

      New Mills & Boon® Historical author

       Katy Madison

      invites you to her


       Mail-order brides for three hard-working, hard-living men!

      Three penniless East Coast ladies are prepared to give up everything they know for the lure of the West. Will they find new beginnings, new families and eventual happiness as mail-order brides?

      Their advertisements answered, three rugged frontiersmen await their new brides—with eagerness and not a little trepidation!

      What have they all let themselves in for?

      Read Olivia’s story in


      and look for Anna’s and Selina’s stories

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      Bride by Mail

      Katy Madison

      Award-winning author KATY MADISON loves stories. As a child she was always lugging around a book. At the age of eight, after having read over a hundred Nancy Drew mysteries, all the Laura Ingalls Wilder books and a full weekly allotment of library books, Katy went to her mother and begged for a new book to read. Her frustrated mother handed her a romance novel. Katy fell in love with the genre. She quickly discovered where her mother hid the rest and began sneaking them out to read.

      Now she gets to write romances and live the glamorous life of a writer—which mostly means she stays in her pyjamas all day and never uses an alarm clock. Katy thinks nothing is better than curling up with a good book.

      Visit her on the web at

       This is Katy Madison’s fabulous debut novel for Mills & Boon® Historical Romance!


      This is the first of my Wild West Weddings series, following three young women working in a cotton mill in Connecticut. When the Civil War halts cotton shipments the three of them answer advertisements for mail-order brides. After exchanging a few letters that take months to reach their destination, they set out to marry men they’ve never seen.

      In the early years women were scarce on the frontier. Men often had to send back to the East to find brides. The lure of the West always held promises to Americans of yesteryear. The frontier provided a chance for a new beginning, plentiful land, and reward for hard work. But what incredible bravery it must have taken to leave everything behind and go west to marry a virtual stranger.

      This first story is about Olivia and Jack. Ever since her parents died in a tragic train accident Olivia has wanted to find where she belongs. She doesn’t realise she has inner strength and hopes to find a protector in Jack. He doesn’t see her strength either, and is certain it won’t be long before she flees from the tough life in the Rocky Mountains.

      For history buffs, the train accident that Olivia survived really happened in 1853, in Norwalk, Connecticut. The official death toll was fixed at fifty-six, although some bodies were never found, and many others were severely injured.

      I hope you’ll enjoy the adventures of Olivia, Anna, and Selina.

      Please visit me on the web at

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