The Pregnant Virgin. Anne Eames

The Pregnant Virgin - Anne Eames

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      Dear Reader,

      If you liked You’re What?!, you’ll love The Pregnant Virgin!

      So many of you wrote requesting encore appearances from some of your favorite characters in my first two books—notably, the matchmaking septuagenarians Millie and Hazel—that I thought it was time to invite them (and a few others) back.

      At Midtown Hospital in Detroit, love is right under the noses of our hero and heroine, Dr. Brad Darling and Ali Celeste, but it takes a little nudge from Millie and Hazel to make them see it and later believe that they can overcome the obstacles that threaten to keep them apart. One of those obstacles is the fact that Ali visits a sperm bank and then turns up pregnant after telling the hero that she’s a virgin. Now, what man wouldn’t have his doubts?

      I hope you enjoy this one. I had a lot of fun writing it.

      As always, I love hearing from you and welcome your letters.

      Warmest regards,


      Anne Eames

      You may write to Anne Eames c/o:

      4217 Highland Road, Box #252

      Waterford, MI 48328

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      Dear Reader,

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      Kathryn Jensen returns to Desire with another wonderful fairy-tale romance, The Earl Takes a Bride. THE BABY BANK, a brand-new theme promotion in Desire in which love is found through sperm bank babies, debuts with The Pregnant Virgin by Anne Eames. And be sure to enjoy another BRIDAL BID story, which continues with Carol Devine’s Marriage for Sale, in which the hero “buys” the heroine at auction.

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      The Pregnant Virgin

      Anne Eames

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      To my newfound family—

      Lynne, Ken, Barbara and Keri—

      who made me feel right at home.


      has been a Golden Heart finalist and Maggie winner, and her books have appeared on the USA Today bestseller list. This is her eighth novel for Desire.

      Anne and her husband, Bill, live in southeastern Michigan with their pampered pooch, Punkin.

      You may write to Anne Eames at: 4217 Highland Road, Box #252, Waterford, MI 48328. For an autographed doorknob hanger, please enclose a #10, self-addressed, stamped envelope.


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      Chapter Seventeen


      “You’re what!”

      “I’m going to have a baby,” Ali Celeste repeated, enjoying the shocked expression on her sister Lynne’s face.

      “But how did—I mean…I didn’t even know you had a boyfriend!” Lynne looked as though she might hyperventilate at any second, so Ali put an end to the ruse.

      “I said ‘I’m going to.’ I didn’t say I am.” She ate the last of her salad and pushed her plate aside.

      Lynne leaned back in her chair, tapped her fingers against her chest and scanned the crowded cafeteria of Detroit’s Midtown Hospital. Probably checking for eavesdroppers, Ali thought, unable to keep her smile in check.

      “It’s not funny,” Lynne said, trying to sound annoyed, but her smile betrayed her. “You scared the hell out of me.”

      “Why’s that?” As if she didn’t know.

      “Pregnant out of wedlock? Mom would roll over in her grave.”

      Ali laughed at her sister’s choice of words. “Wedlock? Sounds like something out of the Middle Ages.”

      Lynne looked from side to side before she spoke. “Yeah, well, the principle still applies.” She punctuated her point by pushing the last bite of sandwich into her mouth and shooting Ali her best frustrated-big-sister glare.

      Ali averted her gaze to the novel sitting next to her plate and waited for Lynne to calm down. If only she could find a hero like the ones in her books. She sighed and wondered if she would have time to read a few more pages before her lunch hour was over.

      Lynne tossed her napkin down and leaned her elbows on the table. “I thought you told me you were determined to be a virgin for Mr. Right.”

      “Yep. That’s still the plan.”

      Looking more confused than ever, Lynne asked, “What are you up to, Alexis Marie?”

      “Well, you know I work at the fertility clinic…”

      “Of course, but

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