Provocative Attraction. AlTonya Washington

Provocative Attraction - AlTonya Washington

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      Second-chance romance

      Viva Hail always dreamed of a world far away from her struggling Philadelphia roots. It ended up costing her the man she loved. Now Rook Lourdess is back in her life in a big way. As her personal bodyguard, the world-renowned security expert sweeps her off to his chalet in Italy, rekindling a desire that could forgive the mistakes of the past.

      Rook is finally ready to put his obsession with Viva behind him. But when the celebrated actress becomes an eyewitness to a dangerous money-laundering operation, he’s her best hope of survival. What better cover than the Hollywood star running off with her ex-lover? Will their reignited passion offer a chance to write a new ending, or is Rook giving in to a temptation that could break his heart once again?

      “See reason here. Murray’s my agent. I can’t just disappear. What am I supposed to tell him if he calls me back?”

      “Do you really want me to answer that?” Rook’s insanely desirable face was a study in pure menace.

      “Well, I have to tell him something.” Viva blew at a curl that bounced between her brows. “He practically has to beg me to take breaks. He’d never believe I just ran off and—”

      “Not even if you told him you ran off with me?”

      Openmouthed, Viva could only stare.

      Rook took advantage of the quiet. “Tell him we’re rekindling the flame. Tell him...tell him I threatened to tie you to my bed until you agreed to go along and you believed me. I think that’s a threat I’ve followed through on a time or two, isn’t it?”

      Viva tried to speak, laugh, something...but she failed at every attempt. She ran her tongue over her lips and tried speaking again. “He’d know that’s not true. He’d know I’m lying—”

      Any further argument was silenced once he kissed her and her tongue was otherwise engaged with his. Rook had taken command of her wrist and tugged her across the brief space separating them on the desk. Seamless and confident, he settled her across the broad width of his thigh, making her straddle the limb in a ruthless, brazen manner.

      Dear Reader,

      I’d like to start this letter off with a big THANK YOU! Your embrace of the Provocative Series has meant so very much. Provocative Attraction and the stories preceding it—Provocative Territory and Provocative Passion—really hit me out of nowhere and took me along for a ride crafted heavily by the characters.

      The journey continues with Rook and Viva’s story. Questions are answered amid the heavy tension and regrets experienced by our hero and heroine. Viva Hail has got a lot on her plate. There’s the new season of her hit show to prepare for, turmoil and mistrust brewing between her and her agent, and then there’s Rook Lourdess—the man she loves...the man she left.

      It’s always such a treat returning to the worlds I’ve created. This return was definitely a treat—one that I hope you’ll fully enjoy.

      Let me know what you think!



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      Provocative Attraction

       AlTonya Washington

      ALTONYA WASHINGTON has been a romance novelist for over eleven years. She’s been nominated for numerous awards and has won two RT Reviewers’ Choice Awards for her novels Finding Love Again and His Texas Touch. AlTonya lives in North Carolina and works as a college reference librarian. This author wears many hats, but being a mom is her favorite job.

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