The One That I Want. Michelle Monkou

The One That I Want - Michelle Monkou

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      Just the woman he needs...

      Since learning he’s part of the wealthy, powerful Meadows family, Professor Dresden Haynes has tried in vain to stay out of the spotlight—but it has inevitably found him. The only thing more difficult has been to stop filling his thoughts with visions of the gorgeous Laxmi Holder. A friend of his newly discovered relatives, ambitious, free-spirited Laxmi might just tempt the unruffled academic to let loose for once...

      Despite her outer confidence, entertainment manager Laxmi is trying hard to prove herself in a competitive industry. Yet she can’t resist taking time to turn Dresden’s orderly world upside down. His serious, sexy vibe intrigues her. But helping him take his place as the long-lost Meadows heir is driving a wedge between them. With trust at a premium, will Dresden lose his chance with the woman who might be his perfect opposite—and his perfect match?

      “You’re the perfect superhero type,” she mused.

      “Now you’re being cruel.”

      “Nope. It’s always the quiet types who have the deepest strength. The others are brute force and brawn. Boring. The intellectuals have a delightful way of taking their time, stroking their way, biding their time to the happy ending.”

      He puffed up his chest. “Yeah. Do I need an S on my chest?”

      “No, you need something original. Mysterious, dark, brooding.”

      “I don’t brood.”

      “You think hard.” She smiled. “Better.”

      “Every superhero needs a leading lady.”

      “Are you holding auditions?”

      “Only have one person in mind.”

      “I wonder who that will be.”

      “She’ll know. They always know that they are the one.”

      “But then they let the superhero go because he’s got a destiny bigger than hers.”

      “Or she takes a step back out of fear.”

      Laxmi stopped eating and pointed her chopsticks at him. “What woman has been afraid to step up to be with her superhero?”

      Dear Reader,

      In this latest installment, the Meadows family have all had their adventures. I hope that you’ve stayed with each cousin to enjoy her unique journey to self-discovery and love. Coming from a small family, I always imagined what a large extended one would be like—maybe a little comedy, a lot of drama, but love and loyalty would always rule.

      With each story, I wanted to bring challenges and opportunities that were relatable and entertaining. Our heartstrings needed a little tugging as we witnessed the romance and all it meant as each couple’s life blossomed in a special way.

      I hope that, in your life, you are surrounded by a circle of friends, family and relatives who are bringing joy, laughter and much love to your space.

      May your dreams come true,


      The One That I Want

      Michelle Monkou


      MICHELLE MONKOU became a world traveler at the age of three, when she left her birthplace of London, England, and moved to Guyana, South America. She then moved to the US as a young teen. Michelle was nominated for the 2003 Emma Award for Favorite New Author, and continues to write romances with complex characters and intricate plots.

      Visit her website for further information at or contact her at [email protected]

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      To the Harlequin Kimani staff, thank you for the many years of support to bring my stories to life.


      With the recent passing of my mother, it has been a time of loss and reflection. I want to extend my appreciation and gratitude for the kind words and thoughts during this time from Glenda Howard, Shannon Criss, Carly Silver and Keyla Hernandez. Your continued support helped with the completion of this book and series.



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