The Love Game. Regina Hart

The Love Game - Regina Hart

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      His game. Her rules.

      Tyler Anderson is poised to take over the reins of his family-owned computer gaming company. But first he has to launch his latest invention. That means teaming up with self-made marketing consultant Iris Beharie, whose brash confidence and sizzling beauty are throwing the reserved computer designer off his game.

      Landing the plum Anderson Adventures account could save Iris’s fledgling PR firm and prove to her skeptical siblings that she has what it takes to succeed. Too bad Tyler doesn’t play well with others...except when he and Iris are alone. As the gorgeous gaming genius sheds his introverted image in the bedroom, things are heating up in the boardroom in the cutthroat fight for CEO. Amid distrust and treachery, is Ty ready to gamble everything on a love that’s as real as it gets?

      “Congratulations again.” Iris unbuckled her seat belt, preparing to climb from his car. “I’ll see you Monday.”

      “It’s been a month.” Tyler’s ebony eyes held her in place. “Do you ever even think about it?”

      Her eyes widened. “The kiss?”

      Tyler’s gaze lowered briefly to her breasts before returning to her eyes. “It was more than a kiss.”

      An electric current arced between them. She couldn’t be the only one who felt it. It was a very different type of tension from the one that had filled the car that morning.

      “Yes, I’ve thought about it.” I’ve thought about that night and the way you made me feel more than I should.

      “Right now, I really wish I wasn’t your client.” Tyler glared at her garage door through the windshield.

      “But you are.”

      “Why does that mean that I can’t touch you? Or taste you?” he added.

      Iris fought the sensual assault of his words. “I don’t have personal relationships with clients.”

      Tyler gave her a heated look. “Is that all I am to you, a client?”

      Iris arched an eyebrow. “Am I more than a vendor to you?”

      Tyler captured her left hand and held it to his chest under his jacket. “A vendor’s never made me feel like this.”

      Dear Reader,

      Several Christmases ago, my husband gifted me with The Supremes’ Greatest Hits CD. I love The Supremes, don’t you? Listening to their songs over and over—and over—that Christmas, I heard three distinct heroines: one who’s open to love (“I Hear a Symphony”), one who’s jaded (“Nothing but Heartaches”) and one who’s too busy for love (“Stoned Love”). At least that’s my interpretation. For years, I’ve wanted to tell their stories. Today, I can finally introduce you to the Beharie sisters.

      In The Love Game, Iris is looking for love. However, she doesn’t realize love comes in its own time, which isn’t always convenient. In fact, it’s often complicated. I hope you enjoy Iris and Tyler. Meanwhile, I’m having fun writing Rose’s story. Rose has given up on love—but love won’t give up on Rose.



      The Love Game

      Regina Hart

      REGINA HART is the contemporary romance pseudonym of award-winning author Patricia Sargeant. Her various pastimes and hobbies include sports—both college and pros—movies, music and, of course, reading. She loves chatting with readers. Contact her at [email protected] You can also friend her on Facebook as Patricia Sargeant / Regina Hart.

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      To my dream team:

      My sister, Bernadette, for giving me the dream

      My husband, Michael, for supporting the dream

      My brother Richard for believing in the dream

      My brother Gideon for encouraging the dream

      And to Mom and Dad always with love.


      Many thanks to Chris T., network analyst, for his help with the technology details. I apologize for any misinterpretations I may have made.



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