Playing With Seduction. Reese Ryan

Playing With Seduction - Reese Ryan

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      There’s no safety net in love...

      As the reigning queen of competitive beach volleyball, Brianna Evans wants her career to go out with a bang. And what better send-off than a signature tournament sponsored by an exclusive high-end luxury resort? But Bree’s heart could end up on the line. Her partner on the project is the irresistible man with whom she shared one perfect night in London...and never heard from again.

      After great UK success, premier event promoter Wesley Adams is glad to be back on his North Carolina home turf. Until he discovers the collaborator on his next joint venture is the flawless beauty he spent an unforgettable evening with more than a year ago. Wes wants to finish what they started, but he can’t risk derailing the project or hurting Bree. And when they finally give in to their growing passion, will a terrible secret from his past and an escalating threat from Bree’s cost them their second chance?

      “Thank you for dinner.” Bree leaned in, one hand pressed to his chest, and kissed him on the cheek. Her soft scent and body heat surrounded him.

      He hadn’t expected the innocent kiss or that he’d be overwhelmed by her nearness.

      Bree’s mouth lingered near his as she pulled away slowly. So slow he could hear every microsecond ticking in his head as he tried to catch his breath. He willed himself to stay in control, to keep his hands shoved in his pockets where they wouldn’t get him into trouble.

      “You’re welcome.” The words came out much quieter than he’d intended. He dropped his gaze to her sensual lips and she smiled.

      “I’d ask you in for an after-dinner drink, but like you said, we’ve got an early morning.” Her voice was soft and captivating, an unspoken invitation.

      Wes wet his lower lip and tried to tear his attention away from her mouth and her soft gaze. Tried with every fiber of his being to ignore the fact that he wanted her desperately.

      He couldn’t.

      Dear Reader,

      I’ve always been enchanted with fiction’s ability to transport us to faraway places and acquaint us with unfamiliar experiences.

      In Playing with Seduction, UK event promoter Wesley Adams returns to his native North Carolina to establish his business stateside. He and Brianna Evans, the reigning queen of American beach volleyball, take a road trip to get reacquainted with the state. As you accompany them to iconic locations in Raleigh and Asheville, you’ll want to pack your bags and venture there to experience each location for yourself.

      You’ll also take an emotional journey with this couple as each of them struggles with the past in a way that threatens to derail their future together.

      Enjoy your adventure with Wesley and Brianna. Then, for series news, reader giveaways and more, join my VIP Readers list at

      Happy reading,

      Reese Ryan

      Playing with Seduction

      Reese Ryan

      REESE RYAN is a multi-published author of romantic fiction featuring complex and deliciously flawed characters. She challenges her heroines with family and career drama, reformed bad boys, and life-changing secrets while treating readers to an emotional love story and unexpected twists.

      Past president of her local Romance Writers of America chapter and a panelist at the 2017 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, Reese is an advocate for the romance genre and diversity in fiction.

      A native of The Land (Cleveland, OH), Reese resides in North Carolina where she carefully treads the line between being a Southerner and a Yankee, despite her insistence on calling soda pop. She gauges her progress by the number of “bless your lil’ hearts” she receives each week. She is currently down to two.

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      Thank you, Shannon Criss and Keyla Hernandez, for believing in me and acquiring Playing with Desire—the first book in my Pleasure Cove series.

      I am truly grateful for your enthusiastic support of my career and your role in affording me other opportunities within Harlequin.

      It has truly been a pleasure to work with you both. And it has been an honor to join the ranks of the remarkable Kimani Romance authors I have long admired.



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