Waves of Passion. Linda Hudson-Smith

Waves of Passion - Linda Hudson-Smith

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      Love is the ultimate port of call…

      They meet on a luxury cruise liner. He’s the hunky ship’s doctor. She’s the stunning junior medical officer under his supervision. Their attraction is instant, red-hot and impossible to resist. Both Dr. Cameron Quinn and Dr. Gabrielle Grinage know from unpleasant past experiences that it’s dangerous to mix business and pleasure.

      Once their ship sets sail headed for the shimmering white beaches of the Bahamas, the desire cresting between them goes off the charts. Giving in to her feelings for her sexy boss is sweeping Gabrielle into uncharted waters. But Cameron is ready to prove to the petite beauty that they’re bound for the same destination: a forever-after island called love!

      “Are you going back to the party?”

      Cameron looked right into her eyes. “Do you want me to go back?”

      Gabrielle didn’t know what to say. His question had thrown her off. “Whether you go back or not isn’t up to me.”

      “Well, no, I’m not interested in going back. Now, if you were to ask me in, I’d accept the invite before you released your next breath.”

      Unsure of herself and Cameron, Gabrielle wished she could give him an answer. Telling him to go home was rude—and she wasn’t sure that was what she really wanted.

      Cameron didn’t give her much time to think. His urge to taste her mouth had won out over his attempt to cool himself down. Lifting her chin with two fingers, Cameron lowered his head until their lips met. To gauge her reaction, he dusted her lips with several soft kisses. Then his forefinger slowly outlined her mouth.

      Looking into her mesmerizing eyes, Cameron tried to see if he’d moved too fast or had been inappropriate. She appeared a bit startled but didn’t seem to object to his show of affection. The blush on her cheeks was a telltale sign.

      Giving it no more thought, he let his top lip skirt her bottom one, causing her breath to come in short spurts. She hadn’t pushed him away. He took it as a good sign and hoped he wasn’t making a mistake. He didn’t want to lose her, and he already cared enough for her to risk his heart again.


      was born in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, and raised in Washington, Pennsylvania. After illness forced her to leave a successful marketing and public relations career, she turned to writing as a healing and creative outlet.

      Linda has won several awards, including a Career Achieve-ment Award from RT Book Reviews. She was voted Best New Writer by the Black Writers Alliance, named Best New Christian Fiction Author by Shades of Romance magazine and Rising Star by Romance in Color. She is also a recipient of a Gold Pen award and has won two awards from The African American Literary Awards Show.

      For the past decade Linda has served as a national spokesperson for the Lupus Foundation of America.

      The mother of two sons, Linda lives with her husband, Rudy, in League City, Texas. To find out more, go to her website, www.lindahudsonsmith.com. You can also email her at [email protected]

       Waves of Passion

      Linda Hudson-Smith


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      Dear Reader,

      I sincerely hope you enjoy reading Waves of Passion from cover to cover. It features doctors Gabrielle Grinage and Cameron Quinn, who are on duty aboard a cruise ship as they sail from one exotic port to another in the Caribbean.

      I’m very interested in hearing your comments on the romance between Dr. Quinn and Dr. Grinage.

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      Chapter 1

      It was early April, the day before Dr. Gabrielle Grinage’s official duties were to begin on a new job. She was unable to control her quivering stomach, yet her hazel eyes drank in the unfamiliar surroundings as slender fingers smoothed her thick, chestnut-brown French braid.

      Here I am. Only the passage of time will let me know if my choice was a wise one.

      Comfortably seated in the front row of a new employee orientation seminar/luncheon, Gabrielle felt at peace aboard the extravagantly beautiful cruise ship, the Parisian Paradise. This magnificent cruise liner was one of many fabulous ships that sailed under the popular Fantasy Islands Fleet. As she listened intently to the speaker, her eyes encompassed him.

      “Ah, here he is,” Grey Sadler enthusiastically announced, “Dr. Cameron Quinn. This is the enormously talented medical commander you’ll take orders from. I have to warn you, Dr. Quinn is a tyrant and he expects nothing less than excellence and dedication from his medical staff.” Grey chuckled. “He’s also a phenomenal doctor and one of the fairest people I know.”

      As Dr. Quinn strolled to the podium, he held his head high and his shoulders back. After shaking the hand of the cruise director, he positioned himself at the podium. Cameron’s smoky black eyes roved the vast group of new and veteran employees. His porcelain white teeth and gleaming smile captured the audience’s attention and his deep voice raptly held it.


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