Secrets Of The A-List (Episode 10 Of 12). Dani Collins

Secrets Of The A-List (Episode 10 Of 12) - Dani Collins

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      Friends in devious places...

      Poor Elana Marshall. She just can’t catch a break. But balancing the men in her life is nothing compared to her latest earth-shattering secret. Too bad the Fixer can’t help—there’s a much bigger distraction: a demanding new client looking to pay big money for an even bigger job. Still, with the Marshalls circling the drain and the Fixer’s reputation on the line, “no” is simply not an option...

      Super Rich. Super Sexy. Super Addictive.

      Secrets of the A-List—read all 12 episodes!

      Secrets of the A-List (Episode 10 of 12)

      Dani Collins


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      Praise for Dani Collins

      “Her couple is the epitome of miscommunication, but watching them finally ‘get’ each other is worth every page. Oh, and the love scenes are jaw-dropping sizzlers!”

      —RT Book Reviews on More than a Convenient Marriage

       About the Author

      Canadian DANI COLLINS knew in high school that she wanted to write romance for a living. Twenty-five years later, after marrying her high school sweetheart, having two kids with him, working at several generic office jobs and submitting countless manuscripts, she got The Call. Her first Harlequin novel won the Reviewers’ Choice Award for Best First in Series from RT Book Reviews. She now works in her own office, writing romance.


      This episode is dedicated to my grandmother, Lena, who introduced me to serials by insisting on quiet when her “programs” were on—Love of Life and The Young and the Restless. When Dallas started, we watched it together and she loved Dynasty, too. “Oh, I don’t trust that one,” she would say of whichever female character was behaving very badly, as if she knew them in real life. She would have loved to hate Ana. I so wish she was still with us. Secrets of the A-List would have been her jam.



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       Episode Ten

      After taking two pregnancy tests, Elana is awaiting her fate. Pregnant or not? That’s the easy part. The problem arises when she thinks about who the father could be—husband Thom or lover Jarrod? When they said the first year of marriage was hard, they weren’t kidding...and damn, she’s only been married a few weeks so far!

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