Tonight. Nana Malone

Tonight - Nana Malone

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      Prepare to be swept away as two couples embark on an odyssey of secret longings and scorching desires...

      City of Sin by Nana Malone

      A weekend at Las Vegas’s over-the-top Decadence Hotel is strictly business for marketing analyst Synthia Michaels. Until her rival for a major account—gorgeous, blue-eyed Tristan Dawson—shows her just how irresistible a bad boy can be. But unless the reformed playboy can inspire her trust as well as her passion, what happens in Sin City will stay there.

      Shipwrecked by Sienna Mynx

      Professor Deja Jones still fantasizes about the mind-blowing kiss she shared with Jon Hendrix at their siblings’ wedding. Now an anniversary celebration on his family’s private island brings her face-to-face once again with the enticingly sexy sports agent. When a storm strands them together, will their explosive attraction ignite into something stronger and deeper?

      City of Sin by Nana Malone

      “You are infuriating and obstinate,” Tristan muttered.

      The hell she was. She poked him again. “You’re a pompous jackass, so I guess—”

      He shut her up with a hot, searing kiss. She should have seen it coming, but irritation had blinded her.

      His strong arms wrapped around her, and his scent wove a hypnotic spell, seducing her, making it impossible to think.

      Shipwrecked by Sienna Mynx

      “What’s your name?” he asked. His hand moved to hers and squeezed.

      “Huh?” she answered.

      “Your name is Huh?” he asked.

      She laughed and shook her head no.

      “Tell me your name, beautiful,” he said. They were introduced just an hour before the wedding. He walked her down the aisle. Didn’t he remember? When she considered it further, she recalled that besides the spilled drink incident, they hadn’t spoken and were never formally introduced.

      “Your name?” he whispered again. God help her, her knees nearly gave way. All he was doing was stroking her arm, and it excited her.

      “Deja,” she said.

      “Ahh, Deja. Very beautiful.”

      NANA MALONE is a USA TODAY bestselling author. Her love of all things romance and adventure started with a tattered romantic suspense she borrowed from her cousin on a sultry summer afternoon in Ghana at a precocious thirteen years old. She’s been in love with kick-butt heroines ever since. You’ll find Nana working hard on additional books for her series. And if she’s not working or hiding in the closet reading, she’s acting out scenes for her husband, daughter and puppy in sunny San Diego.

      SIENNA MYNX, bad-girl author of over thirty contemporary interracial romances, is acclaimed for her tales of torrid affairs between alpha heroes and the women born to tame them. Her stories awaken carnal desires and provoke laughter, soft sighs and gratifying tears of relief. Sienna’s novellas reflect her thirst for romance told from a steamy, passionate perspective with the diversity women of all colors crave in erotic romance. She lives in southern Georgia.


      City of Sin

       Nana Malone


       Sienna Mynx

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