Snowbound Sweetheart. Judy Christenberry

Snowbound Sweetheart - Judy Christenberry

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      “Is this your room or mine?” Lindsay asked Gil.

      Dead silence. He didn’t even look at her.

      “Gil? Is this—”

      “Our room.”

      It was her turn to be silent.

      His gaze met hers. “There was only one room left. We can’t go on, and we can’t stay in the car. I didn’t know what to do but take the room. I promise you you’re in no danger from me.”

      She believed him. And she should’ve been grateful. She was grateful, she hurriedly assured herself. But he needn’t make it sound so easy.

      All afternoon, closed up in her small car, his male aura had kept her aware, tense…interested, no matter how much she told herself she wasn’t attracted to him.

      Now she was going to share a motel room with him?

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      As Silhouette’s yearlong anniversary celebration continues, Romance again delivers six unique stories about the poignant journey from courtship to commitment.

      Teresa Southwick invites you back to STORKVILLE, USA, where a wealthy playboy has the gossips stumped with his latest transaction: The Acquired Bride…and her triplet kids! New York Times bestselling author Kasey Michaels contributes the second title in THE CHANDLERS REQUEST…miniseries, Jessie’s Expecting. Judy Christenberry spins off her popular THE CIRCLE K SISTERS with a story involving a blizzard, a roadside motel with one bed left, a gorgeous, honor-bound rancher…and his Snowbound Sweetheart.

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      Snowbound Sweetheart

      Judy Christenberry

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      For Finis Christenberry, a good man through and through

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      has been writing romances for over fifteen years because she loves happy endings as much as her readers do. She’s a bestselling writer for Harlequin American Romance, but she has a long love of traditional romances and is delighted to tell a story that brings those elements to the reader. A former high school French teacher, Judy devotes her time to writing. She hopes readers have as much fun reading her stories as she does writing them. She spends her spare time reading, watching her favorite sports teams and keeping track of her two adult daughters.


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      Chapter One

      Lindsay Crawford was going home. True, it was only for the Thanksgiving holiday, but she was looking forward to presenting the new Lindsay to her family. She made the rounds of her apartment, watering her plants one last time, so that her neighbor would only have to water them once while she was gone.

      She set her bags out into the hall and pulled the door behind her, locking it. Then she crossed the hall to the opposite door, knocked and waited for Kathy to answer.

      Instead of her friend, though, a tall, handsome man opened the door. The biggest surprise of all, however, was his attire. Instead of Chicago chic, or city casual, as most of the men Lindsay met in the city wore, he was dressed in worn jeans, a flannel shirt and boots. Just like her brothers back home.

      “Uh, is Kathy here?”

      “Yeah. Just a sec.” He turned and called her neighbor’s name over his shoulder. Then he opened the door wider. “Come on in.”

      Lindsay stepped inside the door just as Kathy came into the living area.

      “Lindsay! You haven’t left yet?”

      “No, I thought I’d bring over my key. You said you wouldn’t mind watering my plants. I just—”

      “So your flight’s still on?” Kathy interrupted.

      Lindsay stared at her. “Why wouldn’t it be?”

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