Bedded By The Warrior. Denise Lynn

Bedded By The Warrior - Denise Lynn

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      Forcing a measure of boldness into her limbs, and hopefully into her voice, Sarah looked up at him.

      He smiled down at her with an expression that held no trace of humor. Instead, she saw a promise that chilled her blood and drew a gasp from her.

      “Let me go, William.”

      “No. I am not one of your court swains you can order about on a whim. You married a battle-hardened warrior, Sarah. Perhaps it is time you realize what that means.”

      Bedded by the Warrior


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      Author Note

      William and Sarah. I’ve lost count of the number of letters asking about Sarah’s story. I’m pleased to tell you that here she is, in all her glory.

      Sarah’s had a rough life; so has William. It’s about time they found what they’ve been looking for, and what they both need: romance, love and their own happily-ever-after.

      Come, join me in the 12th century for a little while. Discover if William and Sarah’s rock-strewn road leads them to what they so desire.



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      To the Readers.

       Wishing you all a little romance to lighten your day.

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      Chapter One

      Queen Eleanor’s Court at Poitiers—May 1171

      ‘You should be grateful for your freedom.’ The hard edge of warning beneath Queen Eleanor’s words was unmistakable.

      Lady Sarah of Remy felt the Queen’s glare against her back as she walked toward the chamber door. Icy fingers of dread clutched her spine at Eleanor’s implied threat.

      Unmindful of the voice inside her head urging her to leave the chamber without comment, Sarah turned to face the Queen. Eleanor’s relentless stare prompted Sarah to temper her response. ‘Marriage to a brutal stranger is not worth more than my freedom.’

      ‘I know you well, Sarah. A temporary marriage to Bronwyn will prove less of a trial than rotting in a cell.’

      Sarah trembled at the mere mention of his name. William of Bronwyn was too large and frightening, his shoulders too broad, his manners too coarse. She closed her eyes against the memory of being found naked in bed with him.

      The task assigned to her had seemed so simple. Yet, like a bad dream spinning out of control, it had all gone so horribly wrong.

      Bronwyn and his friend Earl Hugh of Wynnedom were somehow involved with King Henry. Ever since Archbishop Becket’s death last year, the Queen had become suspicious of anything her husband the King did. Especially when she hadn’t been consulted. Even more so when his secret dealings took place on her lands.

      King Henry had been seen with Bronwyn and Wynnedom near the castle. The three men had met with a foreigner unknown to Queen Eleanor and she wanted to know why.

      Unfortunately, her questioning of the Earl had produced no suitable answer. In fact, the man’s arrogance had angered her more than his unwillingness to provide the information she wanted. Determined to serve him a taste of his own insolence, the Queen had devised a plan that would place him firmly under her control.

      He would be caught compromising one of her favoured ladies—Sarah. Eleanor knew that the Earl’s honour would convince him to wed Sarah, making him a member of her court. She’d been certain that he would then be more willing to share his secrets with her. The Earl of Wynnedom would prove an excellent informant once he realised the benefits of bending to the Queen’s will.

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