The One That I Want. Michelle Monkou

The One That I Want - Michelle Monkou

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* *

      Dresden the history professor and Dresden the one-night-stand lover boy didn’t compute. But this onetime scenario happened when he tucked logic away like a pesky friend.

      From his departure from the party to the arrival at this hotel room with Laxmi, he’d sailed through his experiences with the rush of adrenaline going through his veins. He was open to every sensation and Laxmi delivered, keeping all his senses on high alert.

      Yet he regretted nothing, instead diving into the deep end and enjoying whatever happened between in this moment. He had no misguided supposition that there would an episodic drama after this night. She’d made it clear that she was operating on satisfying a whim. And he had no desire to ignite anything that asked for commitment or long term.

      His plate was pretty full with the Meadowses.

      And he wanted to forget them, if only for a little while.

      * * *

      Laxmi watched him prep himself.

      Raw hunger fueled her desire. The man certainly could send her into a swoon. He was simply beautiful. The naked statues of male Greek gods in the museums all over the world had nothing on him. While those physiques were born of a sculptor’s imagination, this man was blessed with natural strength, power and lean muscular build.

      The lights hadn’t been dimmed. A consideration she appreciated for the juicy privilege of watching him walk toward her. No shadowy darkness shielded him from her view. Smooth skin, rich with color, stoked her desire to touch him. An appetite for him to pleasure her grew with a deep gnawing as if it was an actual hunger pang craving nourishment.

      No other way to admit that she’d fallen under his spell, even if he hadn’t cast one. His loner personality tugged at her interest. His body tugged on a lot more. She was so wet as her gaze lapped him up to feed her soul.

      She shifted her eyes from his erection to look in his eyes. Her cheeks remained warm when she saw that he was aware of her appreciation.

      “I don’t want you to think that I’m rushing things.” His tone questioned her.

      She shook her head. If he knew of her turmoil, the giddy sensation of being twirled around a room and let go, he might not believe her. But she loved the free fall from the dizzying height of her current situation. Maybe that need to take risks continued to guide her, pushing her toward independence and challenging her to step out of her comfort zone. Being around Dresden shook her world in a good way. He wasn’t the average man. This wasn’t the average hookup.

      “Good.” His mouth closed over a nipple and his tongue played with the taut nub. Then his head popped up. “’Cause I’m having the time of my life with you.”

      Laxmi softly clasped his head between her hands and pulled him to her mouth for a kiss. His consideration touched her. She tried not to jump ahead and contemplate when they’d have to go their separate ways. She was adult enough to know that any promises made to each other in the heat of the moment didn’t mean they would be honored. After all, an internationally recognized border stood between them.

      It is a fact of life. She couldn’t open her heart for a what-if moment. Stay focused. Her mission was to prove that she could climb back to the successful side of the entertainment world after a failed singing career. She’d already placed hazard warnings around her heart for any failed attempts at true love.

      This night could never be repeated, despite how much she wanted another chance to feel wanted and desired by a real man.

      Despite the practical advisory, the reality carried a sting.

      “Don’t get quiet on me,” he whispered with his forehead pressed against hers.

      “Does this look quiet to you?” She leaned back on her elbows.

      He growled, deep and guttural. They were done talking.

      She barely had time to grab hold of him as he scooped her up and brought their hips for a momentous meet-up. She welcomed all of him, grinding against his pelvis.

      They moved as one, neither wanting to let go. From the bed, to the floor, to the chair, to the wall, Laxmi crawled, writhed and rolled around with Dresden deep within her.

      Life felt good.

      He felt good.

      Her back stayed pressed against the cold, hard bedroom wall, to keep her upright, but also to keep her in place for Dresden’s rhythmic thrusts.

      She kept her eyes closed. Listening to his grunts ramped up her need for him to fill her even more. Over and over again.

      “Hold on.” His command sounded like a voice-over for the unfolding action.

      She obeyed without needing any prompt. Her cheek pressed against the soft waves of his hair. She held on so tight that she was sure her cheek would show the imprint of his hair.

      Reading her readiness, he slowed, sliding into her with deliberate pressure and pulling out for her to enjoy every glorious part. At the peak, she let go and let her body release, pulsate until she was done.

      Gripping his shoulders, she stayed perched around his hips. As he picked up the pace to thrust into her, he came hard. And she thanked her luck that she’d met this wonderful man tonight.

      They finally had touched down and coasted back to reality. Only their uneven breaths added sound to the silence. Within each other’s embrace, they ushered in a calm, reflective mood after their steamy, passionate union.

      “Whew,” Laxmi said to ward off the onset of nerves. “I would say let’s go for round two, but a girl’s got a business to run.” She slid along the wall to free herself and her mind from Dresden’s proximity.

      “And I’ve got a plane to catch in a few hours.” He looked at his watch and didn’t look her way again.

      “I’ll just step into the bathroom.” Laxmi straightened her clothes and headed for the door.

      * * *

      Dresden released a breath when the bathroom door closed. If he was hooked up to diagnostic machines, the readout would be haphazard. Emotions and hard thinking battled for his mind’s forefront.

      Never having been high, he imagined this floating sensation and craving for more must come pretty close. But the changes in him weren’t only physical. That scared him. The shift toward wanting Laxmi, wanting to be friends, wanting more than that, was too swift. He didn’t operate on impulse. Well, up to a few minutes ago, he’d have made that claim.

      But her kick-ass style and fearless approach stirred desire. He wanted the time to get to know her. And he hoped that she’d let him convince her that he was worth the effort.

      * * *

      Behind the closed door, in much-needed privacy, she cleaned up while her mind scrolled through a panicked stream of thoughts. A ragged edge of self-doubt gnawed at her confidence. If she hadn’t pushed her way into Dresden’s space, would he have been interested? She knew the answer, as she leaned in to the mirror, peering at her reflection as if it was an out-of-body experience. So far tonight, she had walked on the wild side, but was still uncertain about how the final credits would roll. Unplanned moments had a tendency to go haywire. Right now, her emotions were running ahead of her logic, looking to escape.

      Was she the bad guy? Cut and run and never look back. Or could she play the good girl? Diplomatic and vague, but still run. Her past was her being the naive woman hanging on too long to a bad apple. She’d played at being cavalier with Dresden. But the plan had backfired. She was far from unaffected by Dresden. Too dangerous to her willpower. A fast retreat was necessary.

      Laxmi reapplied her lipstick, dabbed at the sheen on her forehead and smoothed her hair back into place, as much as possible. A twist here and a turn there, she finished the inspection on her clothes. Her thong. Still on the lampshade. Time to head back out there and act like she wasn’t a case of nerves.


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